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Trish Nolan – Broken Lines (Cruelty Man Story)

Trish Nolan talks about the ‘Cruelty Man’ who took Irish Traveller children from their parents and placed them in institutional care. She discusses this in the context of her own life and how it has informed her identity and was the inspiration for this song this song.

Words and music composed by Trish Nolan.
Vocals, Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar – Trish Nolan
Drums – Mick O’Dowd
Lead Guitar – John Shanagher

Broken Lines – Lyrics

Broken Homes, Broken Hearts, Broken Truths
They Make For Bad Starts
Shattered Dreams In Broken Minds
You Can’t Bridge The Distance
Between Those Broken Lines

Chorus: Those Broken Lines
They Undersize you
Won’t Recognise You
They’ll Paralyse You
The Distance Between Those Broken Lines

Temperature Changes, You’re Hot And Your Cold
You Don’t Know Your Value, But Your Bought And Sold
As Soon As Your In, You’re Told To Out
Those Broken Lines Are What I’m Talking About

You’re Losing Direction On A One Way Track
But You Keep On Moving,Because You Can’t Get Back
It Makes No Difference If You can Read The Signs
When You Can’t Bridge The Distance
Between Those Broken Lines

It’s Not How You Play, If It’s On The Cards
You’re Always The Joker, Never The Queen Of Hearts
You’re Always The loser And You Can Never Win
Those Broken Lines will Always Be Your Sin

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Photos by Colm Keating, Steven De Paoire and Katie Theasby
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